Turn the Tide Foundation, Inc.
Reversing the Obesity Trend

A research foundation dedicated to advancing practical, real-world strategies for empowering the American family to resist the ravages of our obesigenic environment, under the personal direction of David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP; Yale University School of Medicine.

Your Help Is Needed

Obesity is among the gravest and least adequately controlled health threats we face as a nation, and indeed, as a species. More than 65% of American adults are overweight or obese; childhood obesity rates have tripled in the past two decades; and there are now more overfed than underfed people on the planet. For the first time in the history of the world, obesity and resulting chronic disease is a more likely threat to the well being of the average human being than going hungry! Bringing with it the menace of diabetes, heart disease, disability, and premature death, obesity is a public health crisis of the first magnitude. The opportunity to turn the tide of obesity and chronic disease begins by recognizing that we have created a perfect storm of obesity-causing factors.

No one thing has caused epidemic obesity, and no one thing will fix it. We need a variety of strategies- based on the best available science, and common sense. And we need them now. We must intervene - in schools, and supermarkets; at worksites, and in clinics; in communities, and on the Internet- and evaluate as we go. We don't need rocket science, but we do need to get launched. We can trust in our common sense, but we must verify it with rigorous science.

With the right combination of commitment and clear-mindedness; pragmatism, and perseverance; science, and sense- we CAN turn this tide!

How You Can Help

Using multiple strategies to combat obesity is akin to stacking "sandbags" against a flood-tide. No one sand bag, however well made, can stop a flood. But stack enough sandbags, and you have a formidable protective barrier. We need such a barrier to protect us all from the flood of obesity-causing factors. No one program is the answer. But an array of thoughtful, practical, and well placed programs- can turn the tide!

Your involvement and commitment is needed to provide the wherewithal to Turn the Tide to:

  • Influence leaders in government, education, public planning, and the medical professions;
  • Improve your health and the health of your family through honest and accurate information;
  • Provide funding, or offer guidance to important funding sources, to sustain and expand Turn the Tide Foundation's research agendas. To make a donation go to how to donate.

Programs that need your support:

NUTRITION DETECTIVES® "Teaching Kids to Make Healthy Choices"
A nutrition education program for elementary school children devoted to teaching them how to interpret food labels, see past food industry marketing deceptions, and choose healthy foods.
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ABC for Fitness© "5 minute activity bursts in the classroom"
Activity Bursts in the Classroom can ensure that children obtain the levels of physical activity that are essential for good health and well-being.
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Nnoledge "Nutrition Navigation on-Line Edge"
An online tool that determines one's barriers to weight loss and diabetes control.
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Nutrition Quality Labeling "A food ranking system"
A sophisticated system for ranking foods from healthiest to least healthy.
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NICHE "Novel, Interactive Cell-phone Technology for Health Enhancement"
This program involves a novel wireless remote patient monitoring and response system that provides daily coaching that can be used to help individuals with diabetes and other obesity related disorders.
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OWCH "On-line Weight management Counseling program for Healthcare providers"
This program will offer CME credit to physicians, and lead to ‘credentialing' in obesity counseling, which would then allow physicians to be reimbursed for their time by insurance companies.
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Good to Go Gang "A Healthy School Lunch Option"
This program provides a school lunch kit that includes a highly nutritious meal, action figures, and a comic book that conveys engaging messages about health.
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Turn the Tide's Unique Strengths

  • Dr. Katz is a prominent and highly successful researcher in the fields of chronic disease prevention, health promotion, and weight control.
  • Dr. Katz is nationally recognized as an expert on health related issues and nutrition. His position as medical contributor for ABC News, with weekly appearances on Good Morning America, and as a columnist for the New York Times Syndicate, provide him with unique reach and influence.
  • The proposed portfolio of work is focused on providing practical solutions that reconcile science to real world constraints.
  • Dr. Katz has unique credibility among scientists and the general public alike. He is the author of a nutrition textbook widely used in medical education and by clinicians in practice, as well as books on nutrition and health promotion for the public at large.
  • With funding from the CDC, Dr. Katz is the principal investigator of a systematic review of the obesity prevention control literature, now nearing completion. He thus has a privileged, "bird's eye view" of obesity prevention strategies, effective and otherwise.
  • Superior resources will be available for the proposed program. This foundation is affiliated with the Yale Prevention Research Center.

» Bio for David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP

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Thank you for your interest and support. Together we can Turn the Tide on Obesity!