Dr. David Katz is an Internist and Preventive Medicine specialist, and a nationally recognized nutrition expert, with particular research interest in the prevention of chronic disease, especially cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Katz co-founded and directs the CDC-funded Yale Prevention Research Center (PRC) where he oversees diverse studies in disease prevention and health promotion.

The Yale Prevention Research Center (PRC) was created in 1998 through a collaboration of the Yale Schools of Medicine and Public Health and Griffin Hospital. The PRC encompasses a state-of-the-art clinical research laboratory containing an extensive array of resources, with an annual operating budget of approximately $2.5 million (comprised of federal, state and private funding sources) and a cohesive staff of seventeen professionals, supplemented by numerous public heath interns, medical students and volunteers. The Center is directed by David L. Katz, MD. PRC offices are located within Griffin Hospital and at Griffin's Integrative Medicine Center. Services include a vascular ultrasound lab; a comprehensive clinical laboratory (under the direction of board certified pathologists meeting CAP and AABB and the Federal Bureau of the FDA requirements); a JCAHO-accredited pharmacy; a full-service in- and outpatient cardiology department; a radiology department with the most up-to-date imaging services; and the Integrative Medicine Center (IMC) at Griffin Hospital.

Under the direction of David Katz, MD, PRC is committed to research pertaining to the 1º, 2º, & 3º prevention of chronic disease that is responsive to the priorities of Connecticut residents.

The Center is dedicated to:

  • Participatory research methods;
  • A robust research agenda;
  • Community involvement in public health;
  • Eradicating disparities in health and health care in the communities served, and
  • The dissemination of effective interventions in support of the national objectives of Healthy People 2010.

Recent Research and Scholarly Publications

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