Dr. Katz is the founding (1998) director of Yale University’s Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, a CDC-funded clinical research lab he has run for 20 years.  He has secured and managed over $40 million in total research funding, from the CDC (primary funding source); the NIH; other federal agencies; non-profit foundations; and industry.  He has overseen dozens of community and clinical intervention trials, and generated roughly 200 peer-reviewed publications.


Research conducted by Dr. Katz and his colleagues:

Developed and validated the world’s most sophisticated nutrient profiling algorithm:
ONQI (Overall Nutrition Quality Index)    Click Here   &  Here for More

Introduced a behavior change construct called: The Pressure System Model
Click Here for More

Established a behavior change tool called: Impediment Profiling 
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Developed the concept of food label literacy (Nutrition Detective)
and validated the world’s first Dedicated Instrument for its assessment.

Demonstrated the value of brief activity bursts throughout the school day:
ABC for Fitness

Introduced a method of evidence assessment called Evidence Mapping 
subsequently adopted by the World Health Organization and now
routinely cited in the Peer-Reviewed Literature

Demonstrated the utility of Massage Therapy for Osteoarthritis 

Developed a novel research method for community-based participatory research
(CBPR) at multiple sites.

Helped to establish the non-profit initiative Advancing Health after Hysterectomy 

Current (2018) research projects include the validation of a fundamental innovation in dietary intake assessment: 
 (Diet Quality Photo Navigation) 

Development of a new method for applying hierarchies of evidence to lifestyle medicine called
Evidence Pathway Threshold Mapping.