A Proposed Framework for Risk-based Interdiction of Coronavirus

Dr. Katz responds to the corona virus crisis:

Boston Public Radio website screenshot with title: "Dr. David Katz on a Targeted Response to Coronavirus Pandemic." Below the title an image of a woman in the refrigerated section of Trader Joe's

Boston Public Radio hosts Jim Braude and Margery Eagan ask Dr. Katz about his plan for a targeted response to the Coronavirus pandemic, March 30, 2020. Listen to the podcast here.

Dr. Katz, interviewed remotely from his library by Fareed Zakaria GPS, answers the question: Can we limit the economic cost of COVID-19?

Part 1 of Dr. Katz’ interview on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, March 29, 2020: Fareed asks Dr. Katz, “Can we limit the economic cost of COVID-19?” The interview is also available on Apple Podcasts.

Dr. Katz, interviewed remotely from his library by CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS, recommends implementing a data-driven approach to public health policy.

Part 2 of Fareed Zakaria GPS interview: CNN Global Economic Analyst Rana Foroohar discusses possible worsening of economic turmoil, and Dr. Katz recommends implementing public health policy that is data driven.

Dr. Katz on the left screen, being interviewed from his home library. Michael Smerconish on the right screen.

Dr. David Katz is asked, Should virus shutdown be modified to prevent other fallout? on CNN’s Smerconish, March 28, 2020.

Dr. David Katz discusses his New York Times op ed, ‘Is our fight against coronavirus worse than the disease?’ on the KTLA 5 Morning News, March 27, 2020.

Dr. Katz is interviewed remotely from his home library

Dr. David Katz on balancing medical risk and economic pain, PBS News Hour, March 24, 2020.

David L Katz MD on CNNs Anderson Cooper 2020-03-23. From left to right: Sanjay Gupta, Anderson Cooper, David L. Katz

Dr. Katz discusses his proposed framework for risk-based interdiction of Coronavirus on Anderson Cooper 360. Click to listen to the episode’s podcast: on Apple podcasts or Player.fm. Dr. Katz appears at 17 minutes into the podcast. Click here to read a transcript of the interview.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of NY on left, outline of David Katz' Coronovirus Risk Interdiction on right.

Governor Cuomo cites Dr. Katz for his plan to manage the Covid pandemic.

Dr. Katz Articles with Information about Coronavirus

Man in heavy coat and face mask walks towards the right of the camera, in front of the Basilica in Rome.

Of the slightly more than 30,000 total, global deaths from coronavirus to date, a third of them all have been in Italy. That sad distinction means Italy is the source of our best potential insights about COVID19 and the risk of severe infection and death.

Colleagues reached me this morning with this March 26 compilation of coronavirus data from the Italian health ministry, when the mortality toll was at around 7000: …Read more

Two medical workers in full protective gear, with blue gowns, blue gloves, masks and hair covers, point a swab towards the driver side window of a car to test for Coronavirus.

Only in a world of ideologues and demagogues, of propagandists and Internet trolls, are our options limited to: “send everyone back to the world by some arbitrary date, and never mind the body count” versus “everybody’s grandparents in coronavirus lockdown until many of them die of other causes before ever again hugging their grandchildren.” Indefinite lockdown and indiscriminate largess are two variants on a common theme of heartless, thoughtless public health carnage. Of course there is another way. …Read more

10' x 12' outdoor pavilion with sign: "Griffin Health Co-Vid-19 Testing by Appointment." Eerily, no people are in the scene.

I am just back from being tested for COVID19- very efficiently and professionally, I might add- at Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT. I can’t commend my Griffin colleagues enough for how beautifully they organized. Below are images of the test facility, and the print guidance I received. That said, I won’t have my test results for 3 to 5 days, which is far too long- not just for me, but for the system that needs those data to understand and best address the pattern of the epidemic. …Read more

Birdseye view of a man walking down a street wearing a black coat, sneakers, headphones, a protective face mask and hospital gloves looking at his cell phone.

Thomas L. Friedman of The New York Times: One of the best ideas I have come across was offered by Dr. David L. Katz, the founding director of Yale University’s C.D.C.-funded Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center and an expert in public health and preventive medicine. Katz wrote an Op-Ed in The Times on Friday that caught my eye. He argued that we have three goals right now: saving as many lives as we can, making sure that our medical system does not get overwhelmed — but also making sure that in the process of achieving the first two goals we don’t destroy our economy, and as a result of that, even more lives. …Read more

2 medics load a patient on a gurney into an ambulance.

The New York Times: If we were to focus on the especially vulnerable, there would be resources to keep them at home, provide them with needed services and coronavirus testing, and direct our medical system to their early care. I would favor proactive rather than reactive testing in this group, and early use of the most promising anti-viral drugs. This cannot be done under current policies, as we spread our relatively few test kits across the expanse of a whole population, made all the more anxious because society has shut down. …read more

Female lifeguard in red bathing suit with two life buoys enters ocean beach water

The best available global data continue to paint a largely reassuring picture of coronavirus mortality for most of us and our loved ones. I will return to that, COVID-19, and such comfort as I can render amidst this upheaval, momentarily. First, though, this: every death counts. …read more

Map of the world showing where the highest concentrations of Coronavirus are as of 3/13/20.

COVID-19 is not an even-handed scourge. The risk of severe coronavirus infection, and death, are highly concentrated among those over age 80, to a lesser extent among those over 70, and in particular where baseline health is already poor. To maximize the efficiency of our harm reduction efforts- containment, prevention- they should be targeted accordingly. …read more

White hospital face mask on a table.

No one will know for sure the best responses to the COVID-19 pandemic until after it’s all over, and we look back and second guess ourselves. Hindsight will approximate 20/20; foresight almost never does…my view is that we are under-testing, over-reacting, and somewhat misdirecting our efforts. …read more

Table with Coronavirus statistics

How lethal is the coronavirus, compared to, say, the flu? The only way to know a rate- any rate- is to know both the numerator (i.e., those who suffer the outcome), and the denominator (i.e., the population at risk/exposed). …read more

Coronavirus statistics as of 3/8/20: 107,491 cases and 3,652 deaths

There’s no way to watch the COVID-19 drama unfold and not be concerned/anxious (as if we needed another reason for anxiety these days!). My primary point early on- here – was that we exaggerate the ‘new and shiny’ risk relative to more familiar perils. That remains true of COVID-19 almost no matter how bad it gets. …read more

Asteroid hitting the Earth's atmosphere and bursting into flames

The ultimate questions- will I get this disease, and will it kill me if I do?– can be broken into component parts. The first is, what is my risk of exposure? Right now, unless you are in one of the rarefied populations around the world where the disease is concentrated, the answer is- probably very, very, very low…read more

Astronaut floating in space with earth below

Perhaps our species will decide before it is entirely too late to stop soiling our nest – although that’s far from clear. Perhaps we will decide to stop ravaging and blighting the only planet we will ever call home while it remains hospitable to our kind. …read more

Shark coming out of water, mouth open showing teeth

I’ve noticed the inevitable during my travels of the past week: a whole lot of anxious conversations about the coronavirus. This is not entirely unfounded- the pandemic is alarming. For those wanting good, up-to-date, expert intelligence about the virus, its spread, the risks, and suitable responses- they are availableread more

Woman walking across a city street, wearing a protective face mask

Poor overall diet quality is the single leading cause of premature death in the United States today, causing an estimated 500,000 or so deaths each year. That is more than ten times worse than a fairly bad strain of influenza, monumentally worse than coronavirus thus far, and happens every year. ….read more

3 juxtaposed images on a blue background: processed meats back left, microscopic view of a virus back right, Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall front center.

I happen to be a board-certified specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health…it is in my training, if not my DNA, to prevent the preventable calamity. My duty is to perceive vulnerability, peril, and imminent danger to life and limb- and do my utmost about it in advance…read more