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Dr. Katz Responds to the Coronavirus Pandemic

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All pandemics end. There is maybe only cold comfort in that while still enduring one, but there is some comfort in it just the same. History is rife with plagues and pandemics, many orders of magnitude worse than this one. Eventually, they all did end. This one will, too.

Between now and then, what exactly is going on? Are things going well as we look for light at the end of this long tunnel, or is it yet another on-coming train?

A bit of both, perhaps.

David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, FACLM earned his BA at Dartmouth College (1984); his MD at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (1988); and his MPH from the Yale University School of Public Health (1993). He completed sequential residency training and board certification in Internal Medicine (1991) and Preventive Medicine/Public Health (1993).

Katz is the founder and former director of Yale University’s Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center (1998-2019); Past President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine; President and Founder of the non-profit True Health Initiative; and Founder and CEO of Diet ID, Inc. He is a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine; the American College of Physicians; the American College of Lifestyle Medicine; and Morse College, Yale University.

The recipient of numerous awards for teaching, writing, and contributions to public health, Katz was a 2019 nominee for a James Beard Foundation Award in health journalism, has been a widely supported nominee for the position of U.S. Surgeon General, and has received three honorary doctorates.

He holds multiple US patents; has over 200 peer-reviewed publications; has published many hundreds of on-line and newspaper columns; and has authored/co-authored 19 books to date including multiple editions of leading textbooks in nutrition, preventive medicine, and epidemiology.

His career-long focus has been the translation of science into action for the addition of years to life, and life to years.

On the COVID pandemic, he has advocated consistently for a policy of total harm minimization by means of risk-stratified interdiction efforts.

Katz has presented at conferences in all 50 states and in multiple countries on six continents.  He has been recognized by peers as the “poet laureate of health promotion.”

He and his wife, Catherine, live in Connecticut.  They have five grown children.


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