Diet and the Art of Denying the Obvious

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Scarcely a week goes by these days without hearing yet again from some perch of lofty intellectual reflection that we know nothing about the basic feeding of Homo sapiens. We are told our research is flawed, our assessments useless, and thus our knowledge permanently something near to nil.

If true, this would be deeply disturbing. Diet has been firmly planted on the short list of leading root causes of premature death and chronic disease in the United States for the past quarter century. It has evolved to become the number one cause, and around an ever-growing swathe of the world. Imagine actually knowing nothing about the single factor that siphons away the most years from lives, the most life from years in the modern world. If true, it would seem to signal an urgent, desperate need to figure something out fast so that corrective action could be taken… CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE

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